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‘The First Purge’ Trailer Explains the History of Dangerous Tradition (Video)

Prequel to franchise opens July 4

In the first trailer for “The First Purge,” fans of the franchise will find out how the tradition of legalized crime for 12 hours came to be in “The Purge” universe.

“Citizens, this will be a tradition we celebrate every year,” the president tells the nation in the trailer.

It’s a method for people to release their built up anger and aggression for 12 hours, with no consequences — a social experiment in its testing phase. But soon, the creator of the experiment realizes that she created something dangerous.

The last film in the series, “The Purge: Election Year,” ended with an anti-Purge senator becoming the next president on a campaign platform of ending The Purge. Now, “The First Purge” will show the rise of the extremist political party known as The New Founding Fathers of America and how it began as an experiment in an isolated community to see if allowing humanity’s darkest impulses to run wild for one night could lead to lower crime rates.

Gerard McMurray (“Burning Sands”) is directing the film from a script by “Purge” creator James DeMonaco, with Jason Blum and Michael Bay producing with Brad Fuller, Andrew Form, and Sébastien K. Lemercier. “The First Purge” hits theaters July 4.

Watch the trailer below.