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There’s a ‘Very Simple’ Solution to Sexual Harassment in Hollywood, Jamie Bell Says (Video)

The ”Film Stars Don’t Die In Liverpool“ star calls the news of sexual misconduct ”horrific,“ but ”unsurprising“

Jamie Bell of “Film Stars Don’t Die In Liverpool” shared his thoughts on what has to happen if we want to see meaningful change in Hollywood regarding sexual assault and harassment. And it’s not difficult, the actor suggested.

“To me it’s a switch in, unfortunately, the male consciousness, which is, ‘Do the right thing,'” Bell told TheWrap’s Sharon Waxman following a screening of his latest movie “Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool,” which also stars Annette Bening, on Monday.

For a moment it sounded as if he had more to add to that statement, counting on his fingers the necessary steps, but he stopped short, because there really isn’t more to it.

“Do the right thing! That’s it! Click it! It’s very simple. It really is,” Bell said.

Bell said he hasn’t experienced any abuse personally, but having heard stories from other actors he’s worked with, he said the recent rash of sexual misconduct news is “unsurprising.”

“It’s horrific. The level at which certain people have taken their behavior to and their attempts to try and cover those things up or pressure other people, it starts going down a very ugly, ugly road,” Bell said.

“This is it. This is the moment that it changes. It has to,” he added. “I don’t really believe there’s any turning back from it, and there shouldn’t be. We have to face it headlong, look it straight in the eye, and deal with it. And I think we really are. Those people have been held accountable, as they should be.”

Watch a clip from Bell’s Q&A above.