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Focus of MTV Abortion Special Defends Taking Part In It

Markai Durham says she was was anti-abortion herself before she had one

The "16 and Pregnant" star at the center of an MTV special about her abortion said she agreed to take part to show how women who have abortions are judged and disrespected.

"I didn't make this public because I thought your opinions mattered. I didn't make this public because I thought you would respect me. I could have easily not told a soul and kept you all thinking I'm just another girl on '16 & Pregnant,'"  Markai Durham, who is now 20, wrote on Facebook. "I made this public so you all can see how disrespectful people can be because of a decision they feel was right for them."

Durham, who appeared on the second season of the MTV series, is the focus of "No Easy Decision," a special airing Tuesday about her decision to have an abortion after becoming pregnant following the birth of her first child. The show has drawn criticism from abortion opponents, and "16 & Pregnant" from critics who say it glamorizes teen pregnancy.

Durham wrote on Facebook that she was anti-abortion herself before deciding to have one.

She wrote: "My motive for this episode is to not say 'hey look at me I got pregnant again.' But to encourage you all to stand up for each other. To respect one another to feel each others sympathy and pain. One thing we can all agree on is no one is pro-abortion ! (no one with a heart at least) No one wants to have an abortion or even go through this type of procedure. I never did it because I thought it was the right thing to do. I did it because it was the BEST thing to do for my family."

Durham also describes her and her boyfriend's financial struggles to raise their first child, and her reasons for having the abortion. The show also features Dr. Drew Pinsky, who counsels the couple.