Former DNC Chair Donna Brazile Joins Fox News as a Contributor

“I know I’m going to get criticized,” Brazile says of new gig at the conservative-leaning outlet

Donna Brazile
Kamil Krzaczynski/Getty Images

Fox News is reaching across the political aisle for its latest big-name hire, adding former Democratic National Committee chairperson Donna Brazile as a contributor.

Brazile will give her political analysis on both Fox News and Fox Business Network. She’ll make her Fox News debut on “The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino” at 2 p.m. ET Monday.

“I know I’m going to get criticized from my friends in the progressive movement for being on Fox News. My response is that, if we’ve learned anything from the 2016 election, it is that we can’t have a country where we don’t talk to those who disagree with our political views,” Brazile said in a statement.

“There’s an audience on Fox News that doesn’t hear enough from Democrats,” she continued. “We have to engage that audience and show Americans of every stripe what we stand for rather than retreat into our ‘safe spaces’ where we simply agree with each other. For there is no safety in self-limiting numbers. You can be darn sure that I’m still going to be me on Fox News. I’m going to do what I always do: and dish it out straight, exactly as I see it, with just as much New Orleans hot sauce as folks expect.”

Brazile served as the national chair of the Democratic National Committee during the 2016 election, following the resignation of previous DNC chairperson Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, who stepped down after leaked emails showed DNC officials conspiring to sabotage the campaign of Bernie Sanders.

Brazile had a short-lived tenure as a CNN contributor, but resigned after emails from released by WikiLeaks showed that Brazile had sent questions to Hillary Clinton’s campaign ahead of a CNN-aired debate. An individual close to the situation at FNC said Brazile will not have anything to do with the debate or town hall process.