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Fox News, CNN Reporters Urge Donald Trump To Fire Corey Lewandowski

In a joint statement, 16 female reporters want the GOP frontrunner to address campaign manager’s ”inexcusable, unprofessional“ behavior

A group of female media members have sent a request to Donald Trump urging him to fire campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

Sixteen media professionals, including Fox News’ Katie Pavlich and CNN’s Mary Katherine Ham, signed the letter. The letter asks Trump to respond to the “inexcusable, unprofessional” behavior of Lewandowski.

Meghan McCain, S.E. Cupp, Christine Rosen, Chrinsta Hof Sommers, Bethany Mandel, Emily Zanotti, Karol Markowicz, Kristen Soltis Anderson, Mona Charen, Sarah Rumpf, Brooke Rogers and Brietbart’s Mary Chastain round out the female journalists who signed the letter.

Blaze TV’s Dana Loesch shared the letter via Twitter.