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Fox News Confuses Sarah Palin With Tina Fey (Video)

Embarrassing case of mistaken identity recasts former vice presidential candidate with her late-night comedy doppelganger

Fox News has secretly replaced an image of its own contributor, Sarah Palin, with a photo of "30 Rock" comedienne Tina Fey. Let's see if anybody notices…

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The cable news network made a serious boo-boo on Sunday during talking head Shannon Bream's show, posting an on-screen image of Fey — in character as Palin during a 2008 "Saturday Night Live" skit — instead of the possible 2012 presidential candidate herself.

Imitation might be the sincerest form of flattery, but it's doubtful that Palin feels terribly buttered up by the switcheroo.

In a  statement released on Monday, Fox's executive producer of weekend programming, David Clark, said., "This past Sunday during 'America's News Headquarters,' a graphics error was made during a segment on former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. The producer has since been disciplined and an explanation and apology will be made in the same hour next Sunday. Fox News regrets the error."

Watch the gaffe unfold in the video.