Fox News Digital Consumers Spent 312% More Time on the Site Post-Election Than in 2016

From live stream engagements to app downloads, Fox News Digital saw record-breaking numbers thanks to the election

Fox News headquarters
Sean Hannity, Martha MacCallum and Tucker Carlson appear in ads on Fox News' headquarters. (Drew Angerer / Getty Images)

Fox News Digital got a big boost from the election, breaking numerous engagement and traffic records. Consumers spent 312% more time on the site post-election in 2020 than they did in 2016.

The day after the election, Wednesday, Nov. 4, Fox News Digital broke a handful of records for engagement levels, including in unique visitors, page views and time spent. That day, it surpassed all previous Fox News Digital records.

Unique devices increased by 190% compared to the day after Election Day 2016. Video starts were up 167%, page views were up 249% and time spent was up 312%, according to Adobe Analytics and Apple News.

There were 28.5 million total video streams of election coverage across all of Fox News’ digital properties. Those gave Fox News Digital its highest day of engagement on a livestream ever. Unique devices watching the Fox News livestream were up 3,548%. Compared to the average weekday in 2020 so far, time spent watching the stream was up 2,300%.

That day also gave Fox News Mobile App its highest daily download total on both iOS and Android platforms, according to the company.

Election Day itself saw some record-breaking, too: Last Tuesday, Fox News Digital had over 3 million concurrent users at one point, which doubled its Election Day 2016 peak.

Election Day and the events that followed gave boosts to all the major networks and their various online properties. MSNBC reached ratings highs, too, while CNN’s digital offering saw major growth, as well.


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