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Fox News Goes Gaga Over Gaga Video

Cable news segment asks: Is popstar’s music video ”poison for our kids“?

Lady Gaga’s latest music video – a nine-minute Tarantino-style mini-movie co-starring Beyoncé called "Telephone" – debuted online late last week .

The video, like Gaga herself, is trashy, thrashy, bombastically seductive. Like Madonna with, implausibly, a bigger budget.

And popular. Since the video was posted on YouTube, it’s been viewed more than 16,179,580 times. (And that’s just from Gaga’s official YouTube account and doesn’t include the copies floating around other sites.)

On Monday Fox, the fair and balanced news network, was tipping in the direction of shock and awe over Gaga.

Poison. Seriously? Maybe to the ears. (You know, protesting a music video in 2010 seems downright quaint.)

That Fox teased its next segment — about John Edwards’ mistress’ saucy GQ photo spread — with video footage from the shoot is, of course, not hypocritical whatsoever.