Fox News Tells Staffers to Take Temperature Before Work as Coronavirus Cases in NY Office Reach 6

The total of New York-based Fox News Media employees testing positive for coronavirus is now six

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Six New York-based Fox News Media employees have tested positive for the coronavirus, according to a staff memo sent Tuesday that instructed employees still working in the building to take their temperatures each morning before going to work.

“As you know, we have communicated every positive test we have received to the entire Fox News Media operation. As expected, we have two more cases in the New York office which brings the total to six and all individuals affected have been notified,” said the memo from Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott and President and Executive Editor Jay Wallace. It noted that one individual who tested positive was last in the building on March 12, while the other was last in the building March 20.

The memo then outlined the steps employees still working at the offices should take to prevent further spread of the virus, noting that if their temperatures are “above 100.4°F” they “should not be entering any of our buildings.” The memo added : “Please wash your hands frequently and practice good hygiene for the health and protection of everyone working in our buildings right now. Just as importantly, keep your distance while working in the office – everything that can be done by phone or Zoom even on the same floor or building should be.”

It also noted that in-studio bookings have been completely ceased, most video editors have been instructed to work remotely, hair and makeup teams have been “completely reduced” and further programming changes may be forthcoming.

Many staffers began working from home at the beginning of last week.

Further memos to staff have outlined work-from-home guidelines, tips on self-quarantining, and links to educational sites like those for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state and local governments’ departments of health. Fox News Media has also canceled its upcoming upfront and removed in-studio audiences for all applicable shows.

Fox News shows have been implementing social distancing since last week, with hosts sitting 6 ft. apart and guests video-calling in rather than appearing in-studio. Fox Business Network confirmed Friday a plan to scale back its programming for two hours per day amid the escalating coronavirus crisis.