‘X Factor’ Season 3 Names Its Champion

Spoiler alert: The Fox competition named its Season 3 champion on Thursday

Fox’s “X Factor” awarded its $1 million recording contract on Thursday. It would go to one of three finalists: Carlito Olivero, Alex and Sierra or Jeff Gutt.

On Wednesday’s episode, the finalists performed three times. Rocker Jeff Gutt was solid throughout the night. Olivero delivered on his Latin heartthrob pop promise, but a mix of unchallenging songs probably cost him the competition.

Meanwhile, Alex and Sierra delivered their brand of alternative pop, but they weren’t as consistent as Gutt. They went into this week the fan (and iTunes) favorite, in my opinion, so that may trump consistency.

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The episode brought back the season’s Top 13 for a group performance at the top of the show. It also included Christmas songs from the finalists.

Performers included Mary J. Blige, who sang “Rudolph”; “Glee’s” Lea Michele performed her first single, “Cannonball.” Leona Lewis, who performed with Alex and Sierra on Wednesday, was back with holiday single, “One More Sleep.” Pitbull did “Timber.” And One Direction returned, as well.

By the way, didn’t judge Demi Lovato appear as if she didn’t appreciate the segment about the drink that makes her act annoying? Probably not a good idea for a girl who went to rehab, “X Factor.”

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About an hour in, the third place singer was named. And predictably, it was Carlito Olivero. The Chicago native shouldn’t have too hard a time getting signed after this. There’s certainly a fan base for him.

Finally, it was time to name the winner…

Sorry, Jeff Gutt and Kelly Rowland fans. Alex and Sierra, and by extension, their mentor Simon Cowell, have won Season 3.