Frances Bean Cobain’s Ex Wants $25,000 a Month in Spousal Support

Isaiah Silva claims that he is at an “extreme disadvantage” financially

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Frances Bean Cobain’s soon-to-be-ex husband is asking for a whopper of an allowance, as the estranged couple moves further down the road to divorce.

In court papers obtained by TheWrap, musician Isaiah Silva, who wed Kurt Cobain’s daughter in June 2014, asks for $25,000 in monthly spousal support.

In a declaration, the Eeries frontman claimed that he’s just a broke musician, while Cobain is the heir to a vast fortune.

“[S]he has net assets well in excess of $100 million. I am a musician with little income over the last couple of years,” Silva said in the declaration.

Silva also went into great detail about the lavish lifestyle that the two enjoyed together, all on Cobain’s dime.

“On one occasion while in New York we spent $7,000 per night alone for our hotel at the Four Seasons overlooking Central Park,” Silva wrote.

But ultimately, Silva claimed, Cobain left him high and dry, abandoning their Hollywood Hills home in February and leaving behind “three cats and a 16-year-old Golden Retriever with rapidly declining health.”

Perhaps even worse, Silva wrote in the declaration, Cobain set his seven-year-old daughter up in a private school, only to terminate the payments for the school when she left in February, leaving him thousands of dollars in debt to the facility.

Silva also claimed that Cobain wasn’t particularly pleasant to the girl when she left, either.

“When the petitioner abandoned us she did not have the courtesy to speak to her step-daughter to try to make the transition smooth for her,” according to Silva’s petition. As a result, he said, his daughter could probably use counseling, another expense he would have to endure.

According to Silva, he and Cobain (pictured above left, with her mother, Courtney Love) didn’t have a prenuptial agreement, and he’s entitled to 50 percent of what the couple earned when they were together. But he claims he will need the court’s help making his case, even asking the court to order Cobain to forward him attorney fees.

“I am at an extreme disadvantage and thus need the court to order the Petitioner to advance attorney fees an costs to enable me to have proper discovery conducted, subpoena documents and witnesses and hire proper expert witnesses as needed,” Silva’s petition claimed.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.