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Fresno Police Release Body Camera Footage of Cops Killing Unarmed Man (Video)

Facebook Live wasn’t needed to record this police shooting

Dylan Noble died in June after being shot and killed by police officers, with two of the shots coming while he was already on the ground, and footage of the entire event has been released by the Fresno Police Department.

Body camera recordings were released on Wednesday and show Noble, who was not armed, refusing to put his hands up and lay on the ground after being asked numerous times.

The officers thought that Noble was reaching for a weapon, but it turned out to be clear piece of plastic. He continued to walk toward the officers and was warned that he would get shot if he didn’t comply.

An officer fired two shots, knocking Noble to the ground. While he is squirming on the ground, officers warned him not to reach for what they allegedly thought was a weapon. When he moved, officers fired two more shots while he was lying on the ground.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer admitted to reporters that he isn’t sure if deadly force was required. He viewed the video on Friday with Dylan Noble’s father, stepfather and attorneys for the parents, according to CNN.

Police shootings have been in the news a lot recently and new technology such as Facebook Live continues to capture tragic events. This footage, which was released by the police department themselves, is sure to garner a ton of attention.

Nobles’ parents plan to file a lawsuit against the city, according to CNN.

Watch the graphic footage above.