Rebecca Black Is Back With Sequel to ‘Friday’ Called ‘Saturday’ — Yes, Really (Video)

The YouTube singer attempts to break new ground with a song about a whole different day of the week

Last Updated: July 10, 2014 @ 7:51 PM

Rebecca Black, who hit the scene as Best New Artist To Hate of 2011 with viral hit “Friday,” is finally back with a followup – the imaginatively titled “Saturday.”

Black’s new song is actually leaps and bounds more sonically sophisticated than the widely panned nonsense lyrics and limited range of freshman “Friday.” The weekend fare also tackles more mature themes – Black and her now 16-year-old friends are “goin’ party all night,” compared to her prepubescent priority to consume cereal in “Friday.”

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The video for Saturday is filled with comic references to Black’s debut, which she finally admitted, in honor of Black Friday (see what she did there?), was a total mess. In fact, one of the first lyrics in “Saturday” is, “Trying to get Friday out of my head.” In more ways than one, we imagine.

Watch the video and see how many references you can spot. Also, keep your eyes peeled for a Miley Cyrus twerk-alike!