Funny or Die’s ‘Boy Search!’ Judges Revealed: Three Teenage Girls – and One Dude – Will Decide the Future of Music (Video)

Auditions for the talent search begin airing on the comedy website on Jan. 21

Funny or Die is launching its own reality singing competition, “Boy Search,” and it’s not relying on Britney Spears or Jennifer Lopez to judge the next hit boy band, it’s relying on those who pine for budding young heartthrobs the most: Teenage girls.

And one dude, too.

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Meet Nay-Nay, Caroline, Chamberlain, and Armen who will start judging the web series’ boy band applicants on Jan. 21 when auditions begin.

What are the characteristics these young ladies — and dude — are looking for?

“They need to be attractive, they need to have nice personalities, awesome hair, amazing eyes,” Caroline says in the video (above). “There’s definitely a lot of responsibility.”

So is all this actually real? The humor website is advertising the concept as “real teenage girls auditioning real boys for a real band.”

And don’t forget about Armen!