Funny or Die Casts ‘The Artist’ Star Jean Dujardin in James Bond, ‘Die Hard,’ ‘Bridesmaids’ (Video)

Jean Dujardin gets cast as the villain in everything from "James Bond: Skyfall" to "Mission Impossible 5" to…"Kazaam 2"

Now that Jean Dujardin, star of "The Artist," has been nominated for the Best Actor Oscar, Hollywood has decided he must take a role as a villain in an action movie.

In a new Funny or Die video, Dujardin meets with his representaiton to discuss his next step since, as his agents say, "Everyone in America wants to know what Jean Dujardin is doing next."

So how about it? European silent movie star turned action villain?

"I want to play this kind of part very much," Dujardin says in his French accent.

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To achieve that goal, he auditions for everything — the next James Bond, the next "Mission Impossible," the next "Sherlock Holmes," and even some you might not think of like "Sky Kids 5D," "Jack and Jill 2" and "Kazaam 2."

Shaquille O'Neal and Jean Dujardin sounds like a match made in heaven, and fortunately for all of us, he got the part.

Here's the video: