Funny or Die Crew Checks Out Anderson Cooper’s Armpit at GOP Debate (Video)

Other notable interviews include CNN anchor Kate Bolduan, Clay Aiken, Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan… sorta

Ever wondered what Anderson Cooper’s armpit looks like up close?

Just ask the people at Funny or Die.

As TheWrap reported earlier, a crew belonging to the satirical website crashed the CNN debate “Spin Room” at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California on Wednesday — all in the name of hard-core investigative journalism — and asked questions most journalists want to ask, but can’t.

In one of the funniest bits in the video, “reporter” Veronica Osorio can be seen asking Donald Trump, “As a Latina woman where would you send me?”

She then asked GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson, “as an immigrant should I pick tomatoes or apples?” (Carson quickly walked away as he uttered, “I don’t understand the question”).

Oh yeah, she also asked Texas Senator Ted Cruz what he thinks she should do with her ovaries.

“We’ve never been to a presidential debate before and we had no idea what we were doing,” producer Sean Boyle told TheWrap. “Did we seem like real pros?”

Asked whether anyone looked at them funny during the interviews, Boyle said no.

“It’s pretty hard to be perceived as the crazy ones in that setting.”

Other notable interviews include CNN anchor Kate Baldwin, American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken, MSNBC analyst and former chair of the Republican National Committee Michael Steele, former White House senior adviser David Axelrod, and Ronald Reagan… sorta.

Watch the full “report” here.