‘Furiosa’ Set to Be the Box Office’s Lowest No. 1 Memorial Day Film in 29 Years

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With an estimated $31 million 4-day opening, the “Mad Max” prequel is the lowest chart-topper for the May holiday since “Casper”

Warner Bros.

The Memorial Day weekend box office is proving to be as grim as predicted, as Warner Bros.’ “Furiosa,” with a $10.2 million opening day and an industry estimated 4-day opening of $31 million from 3,804 locations, is set to post the lowest launch for a No. 1 film on this May holiday weekend in nearly three decades.

To find a lower No. 1 opening on Memorial Day weekend, one must go back all the way to 1995 with the $22 million opening of “Casper.” That figure, of course, is not adjusted for inflation. Overall grosses are just as grim. While the numbers could change over the course of the weekend, estimates currently stand at $124 million, the lowest overall Memorial Day weekend total excluding the pandemic years since the same figure was recorded before adjustment in 1998.

For “Furiosa,” this start is also below the projected $40 million 4-day start and the $45.4 million 3-day opening of “Mad Max: Fury Road” back in 2015. That film went on to gross $379 million worldwide against a $150 million budget, with robust post-theatrical grosses as it went on to win six Oscars and score a Best Picture nomination.

“Furiosa” may get some help from overseas grosses, but there’s little sign that it will be able to have better box office legs than its predecessor. Along with an 89% Rotten Tomatoes score, “Furiosa” earned a B+ on CinemaScore. That’s the same grade as “Fury Road,” which also got critical acclaim from critics but didn’t have an exceptional run theatrically.

Sony/Alcon/DNEG’s “The Garfield Movie” may even take the No. 1 spot from “Furiosa” depending on how matinee screenings on Saturday and Sunday turn out. Industry estimates currently have the animated film opening to $27.5 million from 4,035 locations over four days, but Sony is more optimistic with projections of a $31-33 million extended start, in keeping with pre-release tracking.

“Garfield” isn’t in as bad a spot as “Furiosa” with a reported production budget of just $60 million before marketing, with Alcon doing the financing. That should allow the film to clear the break-even bar, but audience reception metrics have been mixed with an 83% Rotten Tomatoes audience score and a B+ on CinemaScore.

For family films, a B+ is below what is typically received, and “Garfield” has now received a lower grade than the A- earned by Disney’s 2023 Thanksgiving flop “Wish.” With three weeks ahead as the only major animated film in theaters, “Garfield” should still leg out far enough with families to turn a theatrical profit; but it may see its holdover numbers drop sharply when Disney/Pixar’s “Inside Out 2” arrives on June 14.


18 responses to “‘Furiosa’ Set to Be the Box Office’s Lowest No. 1 Memorial Day Film in 29 Years”

  1. Ann peters Avatar
    Ann peters

    Stop with the women themed movies already. Can’t Hollywood see that matriarchal worship is corrosive and ugly? We all have female fatigue. But HW is run by the devil chicoms… so there’s that.

  2. PJ Avatar

    Go woke, go broke…

  3. BoonieRatBob Avatar

    The Road Warrior Was one of the top 6 greatest movies of all time . Thunderdome got way too complicated and busy with bullspit , and that dident get any better .

  4. FreedomLuchador Avatar

    A 5 foot woman cant beat a 5 foot man.

  5. Mac Avatar

    Furiosa was great so it’s a shame a solid action film with such meticulous craftsmanship isn’t getting the box office it should.  Word of mouth will pay off though, just like it did for Fury Road.  American audiences just don’t seem to care for practical stunts and effects in movies.  If it’s not CGI and/or not featuring a Marvel character no one cares to see it.

    1. Oldphart In Florida Avatar
      Oldphart In Florida

      No, we’re just tired of being DEI’d to death with BS plots of women’s superiority in strategy and physical strength. Hellywoods fixation with this garbage, along with their obvious predatory issues, have become a complete NO WATCH from cinema to television.

      1. Toll Seven Avatar
        Toll Seven

        I skipped it cuz DEI. Will skip streaming it either because DEI.

  6. Mark5610 Avatar

    More angry ovaries.

  7. David Avatar

    This article is a lie. Tell me what film grossed even $15 million dollars memorial day weekend in 2020? The answer is none, btw. And this headline is being re-ran everywhere. What a sham. Just a little bit of research by an online ‘journalist’ would be nice to see one day, just not today I guess.

    1. Learn to Read Avatar
      Learn to Read

      From the article “ the lowest overall Memorial Day weekend total excluding the pandemic years” 

  8. Josef Avatar

    Mad Max without Mad Max.

  9. mspence Avatar

    Maybe they just aren’t good movies. Hollyweird still doesn’t seem to be learning its lesson from previous flops.

  10. Jason Avatar

    Where is Mel Gibson? This looks like yet another womanist movie.

  11. Curtis Avatar

    I’m old, fat, and ugly. But, this woman (do we even know what a woman is anymore?) couldn’t do more than buzz around me like flies on a steaming pile of “Furiosa”.

  12. Sam Avatar

    This is what happens when you make a Mad Max movie without Mad Max. If this had been a new Mel Gibson Mad Max movie – regardless of the quality of the content – opening weekend would have been massive. I certainly would have gone. Heck, even it had been Tom Hardy, I might have rolled the dice.

    I also don’t understand who Furiosa is for exactly; all the little girls who dream of one day living in a violent, miserable, rapey wasteland and want a robot arm? Wish fulfillment movies like this succeed by appealing to your lizard brain but none of our lizard brains contain this corrupt code.

    IDK what happened to George Miller but somewhere along the way he pulled a James Cameron and turned hard, hard left. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

  13. Ita really not wokeism Avatar
    Ita really not wokeism

    The anti woke crowd loves the opportunity to say anything that is not a straight white man is wokeism but wokeism isnt the problem…laziness in developing characters worth heading to the movies for is. Take a look at fall guy, mission impossible, uncharted etc vs Korean and Indian movie industries if you think im lying

    Mad max fury road was one of the most pro woman movies I’ve ever seen, during a time when a female lead in action movies were rare. That movie was amazing and performed well, because it was a good movie. Diversity is a consequence of good film making because complex well thought out characters rarely look and act the same.

    There is only so many ways you can spin a white suburban man in a single movie. Just as there is only so many ways you can spin a mid city black woman. Stop checking boxes and start checking for characters that are well developed, human like, relatable, complex, and multidimensional and the diversity will follow.

    Furioso may not have been this, but they are competing for our attention during a time of fatigue from the same one dimensional fake diversity white women centered plots. I’d rather play video games, streaming, ticktock, YouTube, live shows, concerts, plays, etc.

    1. Jan Cyraniak Avatar
      Jan Cyraniak

      It is wokeism and it is girlboss fatigue. Fury Road was a feminist, man-hating garbage, followed by years full of even starker girlboss, man-hating movies that have driven most of the male AND FEMALE audience away (because girlboss is inhuman and purely ideological, there are no women like that in reality). And thus, when men – AND WOMEN – see a female-led action movie, they stay away. They are tired of Hollywood commie garbage.

  14. Toll Seven Avatar
    Toll Seven

    Dad I want a Mad Max!

    Knock it off, you have a Mad Max at home.

    (Mad Max at home: Furiosa)

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