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‘Game of Thrones’ Is Once Again Most Pirated TV Show of the Year

Fantasy series clocked 14.4 million illegal downloads to claim the title for a fourth consecutive year

HBO’s Emmy hoarder “Game of Thrones” is once again the most pirated television show of the year.

Proving all men must die but not all must pay for premium cable, the fantasy series was illegally downloaded from pirate sites 14.4 million times in 2015, which is the fourth consecutive year the show has been pirated more than any other TV series.

More than 7 million of the downloads came within seven days of season five’s premiere in April, according to findings from TorrentFreak.

“The Walking Dead” and “Big Bang Theory” come on the heels of “Thrones” with  6.9 and 4.4 million downloads, respectively.

On the film side, a lingering epic from 2014 remained the top pirated movie this year — Christopher Nolan‘s “Interstellar” was reportedly viewed 46,762,310 times.

“Thrones” returns on HBO in April, with a buzzy marketing campaign raging over the fate of Kit Harrington‘s Jon Snow.