‘Game of Thrones’ Star Sophie Turner Compares Characters Dying to ‘Blair Witch Project’

Actress who plays Sansa Stark details the many deaths on the HBO show, dishes on Kit Harington’s staggering vanity


“Game of Thrones” star Sophie Turner says she and the entire cast is “terrified” of their characters dying, comparing the anticipation of who is going to go next to living in “The Blair Witch Project.”

“It’s crazy,” Turner told GQ. “Almost every day we’re on set we’re like, ‘Who do you think is gonna go next?’ It’s almost like living in ‘The Blair Witch Project.’”

But when someone does die on the hit HBO show — which is a constant occurrence — the cast has a regular routine, although that was compromised when too many characters were killed off on the hit HBO series.

“There’s always a lot of drinks at the bar,” she said. “But by now we’re so used to it. We used to have big things when other people died. But there’s so many people who die now, we’re like, ‘Can’t really afford it, man. We’ve been out every night.’”

In the interview, she also admitted she is jealous of Maisie Williams‘ character Arya Stark being able to kill people, but agreed that Sansa Stark uses “her mind, her intellect” as her weapon while Arya can dance around with “swords and in trousers and stuff.”

And when asked whose hair takes longer to style on the show, hers or Jon Snow actor Kit Harington‘s, she went into detail about Harington’s staggering vanity, something she knows “he’s gonna absolutely kill” her for.

“If it was up to Kit, as to how long hair would take, he would take longer on those,” she said. “But it’s mine that takes longer. He wakes up and his is terrific naturally. He’s got like the perfect little pin curls. He looks amazing. Mine takes a while. I don’t wake up looking like Kit Harington.”

Turner added, “He’ll kill me for saying this, but if we’re on the red carpet, I promise he’ll stand in front of the mirror for hours. I’ve seen him do it. Even though he wakes up perfect, it’s never good enough for him.”

The sixth season of “Game of Thrones” debuts on Sunday on HBO.