‘Game of Thrones:’ Joffrey’s 9 Douchiest Moments (Video)

From fighting little girls to dying like one, TheWrap looks back on the life of the worst king ever

Spoiler warning! Do NOT read the following if you have yet to see Sunday’s episode of “Game of Thrones.”

Sword fighting a young girl with murderous intent. Ordering the execution of said girl’s father. Watching his guard punch his soon-to-be bride.

Despite dying at a young age, Joffrey managed to live a very full life as the king of both Westeros and douches.

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Season 4’s “The Lion and the Rose” marked the long-awaited demise of the much-loathed character, who was poisoned at his own wedding by a yet-to-be determined assailant. And the only thing more terrible (in a good way) than the way Joffrey died, is the life he lived.

In honor of Joffrey’s death, TheWrap takes a look back at his best, worst moments.

Watch the video above.