Gary Goddard Sex Abuse Lawsuit Dismissed by Accuser

Michael Egan, who first filed a lawsuit against “X-Men” director Bryan Singer, has also dismissed sex abuse lawsuits against Hollywood executives Garth Ancier and David Neuman

Michael Egan, the plaintiff who filed lawsuits against director Bryan Singer and several other Hollywood executives for alleged sexual abuse, dismissed his suit against Broadway producer Gary Goddard without prejudice on Saturday.

The dismissal follows Egan’s decision to drop a lawsuit against Garth Ancier — a television executive who formerly ran programming at Fox, the WB and BBC Worldwide America — and another against David Neuman, a former Disney executive.

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Goddard’s attorneys have not yet responded to TheWrap‘s request for comment on court documents filed in Hawaii by Herman Law attorney Mark Gallagher.

Goddard was accused of initiating sexual abuse of Egan through a process known as grooming — which makes sex abuse victims feel comfortable with and trust their abusers. He is alleged to have made promises that he would further Egan’s acting career.

Goddard’s attorney’s previously told TheWrap that “the allegations against him are categorically denied,” because he “was not in Hawaii with Mr. Egan” and “did not molest or touch or annoy Mr. Egan or commit any of the acts alleged.”

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Ancier, accused of abusing Egan at 15 and forcibly sodomizing him in the shower during a trip to Hawaii, filed a lawsuit against Egan and his attorneys on Friday. The malicious prosecution suit claims Ancier was falsely accused of sexual assault.

Goddard and the other men named in Egan’s suits may not be in the clear just yet. Since Egan dismissed the case without prejudice, he may file again. In fact, he has already filed four suits in Los Angeles federal court similar to those withdrawn, with the exception that the the defendants are John Does.

The only lawsuit filed in Hawaii on behalf of Egan that remains is the initial complaint against Singer, which “X-Men: Days of Future Past” director filed to dismiss in May.  The hearing to consider the motion is set for July 7.

Egan’s attorney, Jeff Herman, filed a separate teen sex abuse suit against Goddard and Singer in Los Angeles in May for an anonymous British plaintiff, who alleged that Goddard had sex with him when he was just 16. Goddard filed a motion to dismiss the suit earlier this month.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.