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Gawker Wants Trump Tax Returns as a Goodbye Gift

”There is something you can do to make us feel just a little bit better,“ Gawker’s Ashley Feinberg writes

Gawker has found humor, even as it closes its doors, with a Friday story headlined: “The Only Thing That Would Make Us Feel Better Is if You Sent Us Trump’s Tax Returns.”

Gawker Senior Writer Ashley Feinberg sarcastically asked, “Have you heard? As of next week, beloved cuck advocacy website Gawker.com will officially be shutting down.”

“Though it’s incredibly unfortunate, there is something you can do to make us feel just a little bit better: Send us Donald Trump’s tax returns,” Feinberg wrote before mentioning that he refuses to release his tax returns, “Presumably because he is being perpetually audited.”

She continued: “And not only would those tax returns answer some highly relevant questions the American people have about Donald Trump’s funds (or lack thereof), they would also ease the devastating pain of watching our dreams crumble right before our very eyes.”

Feinberg said that if someone out there has Trump’s returns, they should send them over.

“It’s the least you could do,” she wrote, even providing her email address.

Univision won an auction earlier this week for parent company Gawker Media and will retain the digital media conglomerate’s other assets while shutting down operations for the namesake website. Fourteen-year-old Gawker.com has been the center of controversy for years for its often snarky and gossipy coverage of the media landscape.

Feinberg refers to Peter Thiel — the Silicon Valley billionaire that funded the lawsuit that eventually ended Gawker — as a “megalomaniacal seasteading vampire” and brushed off the closure saying, “It happens,” before making her final request.

Most recently, was under attack by Thiel, who admitted earlier this year he was bankrolling lawsuits against the company in an attempt to shut down the site that he claims once outed him as gay.

In March, a jury awarded former professional wrestler Hulk Hogan a total of $140 million after Gawker published portions of a sex tape featuring the wrestler. After awarding Hogan $115 million in damages in the Thiel-backed suit, the jury tacked on another $25 million in punitive damages. The site has filed an appeal over the judgement.