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Gay Fox News Guest Cautions LGBT People Against Being ‘Fascists’ Over Indiana Law (Video)

”The gay liberals have turned into bullies,“ radio host Tammy Bruce says

Fox News contributor and openly-gay radio host Tammy Bruce warned LGBT people against turning into fascists in their opposition to the controversial Indiana law.

Bruce said LGBT people opposing people who support the Indiana law, like the pizzeria who won’t serve same-sex marriages, goes against everything the gay rights and civil rights movement stand for: respecting other people’s views and lifestyles.

“For you to turn into what we have been fighting against for generations…” Bruce began, adding, “so that we can condemn people who are different and with whom we disagree, it is the antithesis of what every civil rights movement was about.”

Bruce then evoked fascism to caution LGBT people on the Indiana law issue: “We saw this with Chick-fil-A, everybody came to Chick-Fil-A’s defense when they were under attack by fascists, by bullies—the gay liberals have turned into bullies.”

She also spoke about how gay people should instinctively support people like Christians who have certain beliefs.

“If there’s anyone in the world who should understand the vulnerability of being a minority, of being somebody that maybe others don’t understand or relate to, the vulnerability about work and jobs, being able to live your life as you see fit, it’s the gay community,” Bruce said.

Bruce concluded that defending the right of Christians is “exactly what we should be doing.”

The Indiana law has taken the media—and country—by storm over the last week. On Tuesday, a local Indiana ABC station reported on a pizzeria that vowed to refuse serving same-sex marriages. A day later, the shop closed due to death threats.

Watch the video below.

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