Gender Inequality Persists in Hollywood, Study Says (Infographic)

Film school study reveals little change in employment, pay for women in entertainment industry

The New York Film Academy has released an infographic highlighting persistent differences between women and men’s on-screen portrayals and employment opportunities behind the scenes in Hollywood. NYFA culled data from a number of studies and sources including Forbes, Indiewire, and other film schools.

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Though there are a few questions the graphic leaves unanswered. For instance, if 10 percent of films are half female, are the rest mostly male, or a combination of male and female? What constitutes “sexually revealing clothes” for men — going shirtless? Exposed genitalia?

The study nevertheless points to an unresolved gender imbalance in the entertainment industry, even as powerful female directors like Kathryn Bigelow and positive female characters like Olivia Pope (“Scandal”) and Katniss Everdeen of the “Hunger Games” series loom large on the big and small screens.

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