Geraldo Rivera Clashes With Baltimore ‘Anarchists’ Again: ‘You Ain’t Nothing!’ (Video)

“That’s a thug right there, that’s a white thug right there,” Fox News host says

Geraldo Rivera got into his second screaming match in Baltimore Thursday night, calling protestors “anarchists” and “thugs.”

“What’s you’re problem, what’s you’re problem?” Rivera screamed at a protestor.  “You’re only brave when the cameras turned? You anarchist! You anarchist! You’re nothing. You ain’t nothing.”

Rivera continued that when the camera gets on protestors, they all act brave. He was then confronted by a man wearing a helmet.

“Why is there so much hostility from all the locals toward you?” he asked. Rivera shot back that these aren’t locals — they’re “professional anarchists.”

“That’s a thug right there–that’s a white thug right there,” Rivera added toward a protestor he was looking at.

The tension between Rivera and protestors comes after a Tuesday night clash where the Fox news personality clashed with a protestor who was standing in the way of his camera shot.

Watch the video above.