Glenn Beck Hints He Won’t Be Back on Fox in 2012

Host addresses contract situation: “The only thing in life that is constant is change”

Last Updated: March 15, 2011 @ 11:26 AM

Glenn Beck returned from weeklong vacation on Monday and addressed the rumors swirling about his Fox News contract situation — on his radio show.

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And while he did not say specifically he won’t be returning to Fox after his contract ends, it sure sounded like his bags are already packed.

Beck first praised Fox chief Roger Ailes. Via the Huffington Post's transcript:

Yes, my contract is up at the end of the year. Contracts do that. Fox and I have had a great relationship and the current contract does come to an end in December. My admiration for the people that work at Fox and the people that have built Fox cannot be overstated. In short, Roger Ailes has built not only the most powerful name in news in America but he has built the most powerful name in news on planet Earth. And much to the left’s amazement and chagrin, he’s done it all without bashing America. Isn’t that weird?

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Then, while hinting his days on Fox News are numbered, he promised fans he would continue his right-wing crusade on other platforms:

The only thing in life that is constant is change. And so while things, and I don’t know which, will change, all things do, but I know that we’ll continue to find each other whether on the radio, the Internet, on stage, in movie theatres, in the pages of books that the New York elite will never read or on Fox that the New York elite will never watch.

Click here for a clip of the full segment.

Then on his Fox News show Monday afternoon, Beck attempted to explain the nuclear meltdown in Japan — using M&Ms.