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Glenn Beck Sets Book Record for #1 Debuts

Fox News host’s “Christmas Sweater” fifth consecutive New York Times Bestseller.

Glenn Beck may have lost his appendix. And a dispute over this domain name. But his books are selling like American flags on “9/12.”

Simon & Schuster says that Beck’s latest book, “The Christmas Sweater: A Picture Book” will debut at #1 on the New York Times children’s picture book bestseller list on November 15th, giving the controversial Fox News host five consecutive #1 New York Times bestsellers.

The publisher said “Beck has become the only author in history to ever have #1 New York Times bestsellers debut on these four different lists: hardcover fiction (‘The Christmas Sweater’), hardcover nonfiction (‘Arguing with Idiots’ and ‘An Inconvenient Book’), nonfiction paperback (‘Glenn Beck’s Common Sense’), and now with ‘The Christmas Sweater: A Picture Book,’ children’s picture books.”

Love him or hate him, Beck is newsworthy at the moment.

Bonus for reading this far: Jon Stewart took on Beck’s appendicitis on “The Daily Show” recently – delivered in typically unhinged Beck rant style:



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