‘Good Day L.A.’ Anchor Diagnosed With Brain Tumor After Surfing Accident (Video)

“I promise I will return stronger and who knows .., maybe smarter!” Julie Chang vows

Getting into a surfing accident may have been the best thing that ever happened to Julie Chang.

The entertainment anchor on Fox 11’s “Good Day L.A.” has gone on medical leave, after a CT scan she underwent after suffering an injury on the waves revealed a tumor in the core of her brain.

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The announcement was made on Monday’s edition of “Good Day L.A.,” along with a message from Chang to the show’s viewers, vowing that she would return after undergoing treatment.

“LA, thank you. If it wasn’t for my move to Southern California, I would’ve never taken up surfing, which in a way, may have saved my life,” Chang, who joined “Good Day L.A. last November, wrote.

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“In the next few days and weeks, the tumor will go, the hair will grow back … and I will recover with the warmth you have given me since my first day here on Fox 11.”

Chang finished up her message with a vow to reach full recovery.

“I promise I will return stronger and who knows .., maybe smarter! Love & light, Julie”

Chang injured her eye after her surfboard struck her. After developing a headache from the injury, she sought medical attention, which led to the CT scan.

Chang will undergo surgery this week.

Watch Monday’s report on Chang in the video.

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