Why Screenwriters Should Keep Climate Change Top of Mind in Their Scripts

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Just 2.8% of film and TV scripts released between 2016-2020 even mentioned climate change, according to the nonprofit Good Energy

Climate Change Playbook Good Energy
Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus) reflected in pools on melting ice on Sabinebukta Bay at Irminger Point. Photograph by Paul Souders/Illustration by TheWrap

There’s a hilarious scene in HBO Max’s “Hacks” where Ava challenges her boss Deborah Vance as to what exactly she thinks millennials are entitled to: “Expensive ass health care? The planet ruined by climate change?” The scene is hardly “about” climate change, more of a passing remark and joke, but it starts a conversation that keeps the ongoing climate crisis top of mind.

That’s the goal of the folks at the nonprofit organization Good Energy, which on Tuesday put out a “playbook” for screenwriters about how they can introduce substantive ideas about climate change and global warming into their scripts and storytelling.