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Good Morning Oscar, January 31: No Doubt

It was a better weekend for ”The King’s Speech“ than for some pundits who’ve been predicting ”The Social Network“

As you might have heard, "The King's Speech" had a pretty good weekend. For some of the pundits who've been predicting (and lobbying hard for) "The Social Network," not so good. Others maintained their equanimity.

King's Speech castGuy Lodge, In Contention: "When ['The King's Speech"]’s comparatively inexperienced director can beat a heavyweight field of Darren Aronofsky, Christopher Nolan and the Davids Fincher and O. Russell to the Directors’ Guild prize — and for a film that’s widely been deemed, rightly or wrongly, an actors’ showcase more than a director’s one — it’s clear the tide has turned." And: "Well, if you didn’t get the message after last night’s DGA result, SAG’s Best Ensemble award just underlined it for you — the Best Picture race is over." 

Sasha Stone, Awards Daily: "[W]e have to stop and pause and acknowledge that yes, something I personally thought was all but impossible is coming true.  I said on my last Oscar Poker podcast that if Tom Hooper won the DGA I would quit … because it would show that I learned absolutely nothing in the eleven years I’ve been doing this website.  And that is absolutely true: I know nothing."

David Poland, Movie City News: "So all the odds have shifted to 'The King’s Speech' for the win. But could this be the one thing that could turn the tide to 'The Social Network' or 'True Grit?' Realistically, I think not."

Jeff Wells, Hollywood Elsewhere: "Devotees of eternal cinematic Movie Godz justice are tonight contemplating the drinking of hemlock, the inhaling of lethal gas and leaping from high cliffs."And: "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do. Actually they probably do know what they do and don't give a s___ about the judgment of history."

Tom O'Neil, Gold Derby: "Bottom line: Film critics' awards and the Golden Globes are bestowed by journalists, who sometimes have a different sensibility than industry folks … It may come as a shock, but Hollywood industry insiders — believe it or not — have a heart."  And: "Now that 'The King's Speech' has demonstrated consistent strength across three sections of filmmaking – producing, directing and acting – it's clear that it has the broad support needed to win Best Picture at the Oscars."

Brad Brevet, Rope of Silicon: "'The King's Speech' has pretty much established itself as the undeniable front-runner if you weren't already on board after director Tom Hooper's Directors Guild win last night."

Nicole Sperling, The Envelope: "In the span of about two weeks, 'The King's Speech' has gone from Oscar underdog to front-runner."

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

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