Greta Van Susteren Explains Why She Quit Fox News

“I took advantage of the clause in my contract which allows me to leave now,” she writes

Greta Van Susteren confirmed she is leaving Fox News in a Facebook post explaining that the network “has not felt like home to me for a few years,” and she wants to continue her broadcasting career.

“On Thursday night, I made my decision and informed Fox News of my decision that I was leaving Fox News Channel per my contract,” Van Susteren wrote.

The now-former “On the Record” host added, “I took advantage of the clause in my contract which allows me to leave now. The clause had a time limitation, meaning I could not wait.”

Her departure was announced Tuesday, minutes after Fox News announced a settlement in the sexual harassment suit that Gretchen Carlson brought against former Fox News boss Roger Ailes, that Van Susteren is leaving the network after 14 years and Brit Hume will take over her show through November’s election.

“I love my staff, I love my colleagues, and I love the crews. That is the hardest part of this decision as they are wonderful people,” Van Susteren wrote on Facebook. “And most of all? I love the viewers — even the ones who have gotten mad at me over the years and taken swipes.”

Her Facebook message concluded: “I hope to continue my career in broadcasting.”

Fox News’ in-house media reporter Howard Kurtz noted that Van Susteren wanted to renegotiate her contract after Ailes stepped down, and had a clause that allowed her to leave if Ailes departed.

“When those negotiations deadlocked, Van Susteren chose to invoke the departure option,” Kurtz wrote, citing a “a source familiar with the process.”

However, New York magazine reporter Gabe Sherman, who has been out in front of the story from Roger Ailes controversy from day one, wrote that his source disputes Kurtz’s claim. According to Sherman, Van Susteren left because “she is troubled by the culture” at Fox News.

Van Susteren was a loyal and outspoken defender of Ailes. Back on July 8, before Ailes stepped down, Van Susteren told TheWrap: “If there were something weird going on … I would have heard it.”

Last month, Van Susteren even fired back at people who criticize her for defending Ailes.

“Let’s first get something straight: I did not sexually harass anyone (of course.). And second, I did not know about any sexual harassment and keep it secret,” Van Susteren wrote on her GretaWire blog.