Former ‘Guiding Light’ Actress Tells Her Side of Bar Fight Story

Police arrested Crystal Hunt after she allegedly threw a glass at another woman after an argument

Crystal Hunt was acting in self-defense when she allegedly threw a pint glass at the head of another woman after a confrontation in a West Hollywood bar fight over the weekend, her attorney said.

Hunt, who played Lizzie Spaulding on the TV daytime drama “Guiding Light” from 2003-2006, was arrested for felony assault with a deadly weapon early Friday after an argument at Pearl’s Liquor Bar. She was released on bail the next morning.

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“Crystal was confronted by an inebriated woman who walked up to her and became confrontational, aggressive and menacing,” her attorney Shepard Kopp told TheWrap. “Crystal was disturbed by the woman’s erratic behavior and got up from the bar and moved over to a table in the corner, approximately 30 feet away. The woman followed her and continued her harassing behavior at the table.

“At that point, Crystal asked that security personnel in Pearl’s have the woman removed from the bar, at which point they asked the woman to leave, but she refused. She continued to approach Crystal in the same menacing and aggressive way. Afraid for her personal safety, Crystal acted in self-defense.”

Law enforcement officials told TMZ that the victim required medical attention, the report said.

Hunt, 28, also played the role of Stacy Morasco on “One Life to Live” from 2009-2010.