Nearly 200 Music Industry Artists, Executives Demand Stricter Gun Control Laws

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Paul McCartney and Lady Gaga are among the artists who signed an open letter asking lawmakers “to do more to prevent the gun violence”

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Almost 200 leading music industry figures have signed an open letter demanding Congress to pass bills stricter gun control laws, including legislation that will prevent potentially dangerous individuals from purchasing firearms.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Paul McCartney, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, and Demi Lovato were just a few of the names on the list.

“As leading artists and executives in the music industry, we are adding our voices to the chorus of Americans demanding change,” the letter published by Billboard reads.

“The one thing that connects the recent tragedies in Orlando is that it is far too easy for dangerous people to get their hands on guns,” the letter continues, referring to the Pulse nightclub shooting that left almost 50 dead and the murder of singer Christina Grimmie by a deranged fan.

“We call on Congress to do more to prevent the gun violence that kills more than 90 Americans every day and injures hundreds more, including: Require a background check for every gun sale; Block suspected terrorists from buying guns.”

On Monday, Senate Republicans voted down four measures that would have bolstered gun control. In response, House Democrats have staged a sit in on the floor of the legislature to demand a vote on similar measures. House Speaker Paul Ryan has called the sit in a “publicity stunt.”