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‘SNL’ Spoofs – but Doesn’t Air – Guy Fieri’s Reaction to NY Times Review (Video)

An unaired sketch features Bobby Moynihan as Guy Fieri reading the scathing New York Times' review for the first time on Weekend Update

If an unaired sketch is any indication, the writers of "Saturday Night Live" are proud members of Team Guy Fieri.

Although Bobby Moynihan's maniacal return as the celebrity chef on "Weekend Update" didn't make the final cut over the weekend, a run-through during dress rehearsal has Seth Meyers showing Pete Wells' nasty New York Times review to Fieri/Moynihan for the first time.

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Fieri's signature enthusiasm — which assumes that the review is "off the chain" — turns to dismay as he reads.  "Oh no, oh no," he/Moynihan mutters. "That's not off the chain. That's very much on the chain."

After he reveals he's feeling "pretty half-throttle," Meyers asks, "You didn't think they'd like your restaurant, did you?

"No," Fieri shoots back. "But did they think they would like it? I mean, I wear flames on my shirt, and I don't bleach my roots … I don't look like high-society chef, Seth. I look like I'm playing the Sun in a school play."

His funny fictitious response echoes the same sentiment from those who felt Wells' approach to reviewing the Times Square tourist trap was a tad harsh.

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To emphasize, Fieri/Moynihan continues to exclaim that "the New York Times reviewing my restaurant is like Architectural Digest reviewing a college dorm."

Watch the sketch: