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Hackers Leak Nude Photos of BART Spokesman

Linton Johnson defended the public transportation department’s decision to shut off cell service during anti-police demonstration

Hacking group Anonymous posted nude pictures it claims are of BART spokesperson Linton Johnson on Wednesday.

The photos — posted on a website that appears to have been taken down — show a man who looks very much like the public face of San Francisco rapid transit exposing his … well, let's just say an obvious pun springs to mind. 

Johnson, who did not immediately respond to TheWrap's requests for comment, raised the ire of the group after he defended BART's decision to cut off cell phone service in rapid-transit stations during an anti-police demonstration earlier this month.

Protestors were upset after a BART police shot and killed a 45-year-old transient in July.

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At the time, Johnson responded to objections that BART was suppressing free speech rights by stating: "Our job is to provide safe transport for our customers … I blame the protesters for what we had to do."

"If you are going to be a d— to the public, then I'm sure you don't mind showing your d—to the public," Anonymous wrote in a blog post that accompanied the explicit images. 

Anonymous, which has played a key role in the protests roiling BART, also targeted Sony and Facebook in a series of hacking attacks this summer. 

Thankfully, thus far no naked photos of Mark Zuckerberg have emerged.