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Halderman’s Lawyer: Letterman Harassed Staff

Halderman’s attorney says he has evidence of sexual harassment by CBS talk-show host.

Evidence exists that David Letterman engaged in sexual harassment of staff members on his CBS show, according to the lawyer representing the man accused of trying to blackmail the talk show host.

Gerald Shargel, the lawyer for accused extortionist Robert Joel Halderman, told the New York Times he would "put forward evidence" of sexual harassment and would be "sharing that in a courtroom."

Shargel also told the Times that Letterman "had a relationship with my client’s girlfriend.”

He said that Letterman assistant Stephanie Birkitt has been identified as a former girlfriend of Halderman’s, and that Birkitt was one of the women to whom Letterman was referring when he admitted to having had sex with some of his female staffers.

“I’m allowed to introduce evidence that’s relevant to my client’s state of mind,” Shargel said.