‘Alpha House’ Star Haley Joel Osment: GOP Offers ‘So Much More Humor’ These Days (Video)

“I don’t think that we’re unfair,” Osment tells TheWrap of his new Amazon series

Amazon dives into the original content pool on Nov. 15 with its original series “Alpha House,” which stars John Goodman, Mark Consuelos, Clark Johnson and Matt Malloy as a quartet of Republican senators who live together in Washington, D.C.

TheWrap sat down with stars Haley Joel Osment, Yara Martinez, Mark Consuelos and Clark Johnson to talk about the series, which comes from “Doonesbury” creator Garry Trudeau, to talk about the new endeavor.

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Among the topics discussed: Given Trudeau’s well-known political outlook, is “Alpha House” open to criticism for being a media dig at the GOP?

“We focused on that party because they’re offering just so much more humor these days, because of the position that they’re in, but I don’t think that we’re unfair, and we’re not doing anything that’s unfair or [a] fantasy about the way people are,” Osment, who plays reporter Shelby on the series, offered.

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However, Osment added, “we’re also hard on Democrats. And also, having our protagonists be in the Republican party, those are the people that you sympathize with, and we see the motivations for why they do the things that they do.”

Osment also dished on the difference between working in the digital realm as compared to network, lauding the “level of creative freedom” afforded by Amazon.

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“It’s fun doing tradition network things too, but there’s also a lot of other opinions from above that come down, an this one Garry has control of the show, and we’re sort of allowed to do what we want.”

Watch TheWrap’s interview above.