‘Hangover’ Director Todd Phillips Verbally Man-Handles Blogger (Video)

Interviewing the director, blogger David Poland forgot that he picked “Land of the Lost” to beat the original “Hangover” at the box office two years ago. Phillips? He didn’t forget

Last Updated: May 25, 2011 @ 1:12 PM

The life of a film blogger can consist of one junket and box-office prediction after another, the films and the moviemakers blending into one-another after awhile.

And who could condemn the prolific David Poland if he once shorted the forecast for the original "Hangover," a movie that opened about $20 million over widely published tracking estimates?

And who could fault him for having forgotten about it?

Well, it turns out that "Hangover" mastermind Todd Phillips has one damned good memory, and he was plenty willing to give Poland nearly as much fecal matter as he could handle upon meeting the blogger once again at the "Hangover 2" press junket this week.

“You might be the worst box office prognosticator on the planet," Phillips told Poland.


To his credit, Poland stood tall in the pocket under Phillips' heavily abusive verbal pressure, and posted the video interview on his Hot Blog.

Here it is:


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