Hannity Suggests No Moderator for Future Debates: ‘Let Them Have at It’ (Video)

But Hannity was careful not to criticize his Fox News colleague Chris Wallace, who moderated the first debate

Most of the pundits who appeared on Fox News after Tuesday’s presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump had little but raves for Trump’s performance. Sean Hannity, for example, said he actually liked that Trump constantly interrupted Biden and argued with moderator Chris Wallace, saying it was “real.”

“One thing I’ve concluded at the end of tonight is, it’s basically, you’re gonna get a gladiator warrior fighter in Donald Trump,” Hannity said. “A guy that is going to go to battle like he has for the last four years, fighting for trade deals, fighting for his promises, getting the money for the wall, keep, you know, everything that he says he’s gonna do. Including battling COVID.”

Hannity, whose show was pushed back two hours on Tuesday night because the debate took place during his time slot, was careful not to direct any criticism at Chris Wallace of Fox News, who moderated the debate and caught the ire of many viewers on both sides of the aisle.

But Hannity did suggest that, after viewing this first presidential debate of the general election, that maybe Biden and Trump don’t need a moderator for the remaining two debates.

“I actually prefer a new style of debate. Maybe we’ll have it in the future one day. And that is, let them go,” Hannity said. “Let just like, you know, we like to watch football, uh, warriors and gladiators in the Octagon, and boxers box, let them go. Let them have at it, and let the American people decide.”

One of Hannity’s guests on Tuesday’s show, former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer, pushed back against that idea.

“But Sean, I’ve got to say, we’re not electing gladiators, and this shouldn’t be a food fight. I think this was a train wreck tonight. Both candidates, too much interruption, too much back and forth, and that’s just not good for the country,” Fleischer said.

“And so there might be people who like to have this kind of thing for the entertainment value. I’m just not one of them. I just think when you come to a debate you should air the differences, occasionally interrupt, get the odd extra point in, poke your opponent. But this was way over the top tonight by both candidates, and the President started it. Joe Biden returned the fire.”

Fleischer also took issue with Biden calling Trump a clown and a racist, which he claimed “doesn’t serve any good purpose either.”

But Hannity disagreed with Fleischer’s overall point.

“I actually like it because I think it’s refreshing, and I also think it’s real. And I think the American people like real too,” Hannity said.

Fleischer then ended this thread with some advice for Trump for the rest of the debates.

“Dial it down two notches. Don’t do it every question. Don’t do it all the time. Do it often, do it sometimes, don’t do it almost all the time,” he said.

There are still two debates remaining for Biden and Trump, and despite the hectic nature of this first debate, you should expect them to happen as scheduled on Oct. 15 and Oct. 22. The vice presidential debate between Sen. Kamala Harris and Mike Pence will be on Oct. 7.

You can watch the quoted portion of Tuesday night episode of “Hannity” in the video embedded in this article.


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