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Harvey Weinstein Accuser Called Him Her ‘Spiritual Soulmate,’ Former Roommate Testifies

Talita Maia, a former friend of Jessica Mann, testified for the defense on Monday morning

Talita Maia, a former roommate and friend of Jessica Mann — one of the main accusers in Harvey Weinstein’s criminal trial — said that Mann often spoke fondly of Weinstein and could not recall her being upset after incidents in which Mann has alleged Weinstein sexually assaulted her.

Mann, who testified over the course of three days earlier this month, said that Maia — also an aspiring actress at the time — was often around her during her early interactions with Weinstein. During an encounter with Weinstein in a Los Angeles hotel, Mann said that she and Maia were asked by Weinstein to go up to his room to receive scripts for a movie he thought they would be good for the lead roles. It was there that Mann alleges Weinstein told Maia to wait out in the hotel suite’s living area, pulled Mann into a bedroom, and performed oral sex on her without her consent.

Maia, who was testifying for the defense on Monday morning, said it was an “awkward” situation to be asked to go up to Weinstein’s hotel room and said Mann did not seem upset afterward as they were leaving.

In New York at the DoubleTree hotel, Mann testified that she, Maia and an agent friend of Mann’s were supposed to meet with Weinstein for a breakfast in March of 2013. Mann testified that Weinstein arrived early to the hotel and checked in, causing the two to have an argument that eventually led to Weinstein violently raping her.

When asked about seeing Mann after the alleged incident, Maia said she also didn’t think Mann seemed upset when she came down for the breakfast.

Weinstein’s attorney Donna Rotunno also asked Maia if Mann had ever said anything about Weinstein hurting her in any way.

“No,” Maia responded.

During the prosecution’s cross-examination, Assistant District Attorney Joan Illuzzi asked Maia about her eventual falling out with Mann.

“Jessica did things in my life that impacted my life in a very negative way, in a terrible way, [but] I don’t hate her or anything like that,” Maia said.

Later, Illuzzi asked Maia how Mann often spoke of Weinstein.

“She said a few times that he was like her spiritual soulmate,” Maia responded.