‘Haven’ Producers Tease Revelations in Final 13 Episodes: ‘We’re Going to Learn Everything’

“We’re going to see a Haven where everyone knows about the Troubles,” says showrunner Gabrielle Stanton

“Haven” returns for a final 13 episodes on Syfy Thursday, and showrunners are promising plenty of answers to all the big questions raised over the show’s five seasons.

The Stephen King adaptation is set in a sleepy, coastal town in Maine, where certain members of the community are burdened with supernatural abilities they cannot control. Enter the mysterious Audrey Parker (Emily Rose), an FBI investigator with an uncanny knack to talk people down when their abilities — called Troubles — start wreaking havoc.

Soon, Audrey discovers she’s connected to the town in ways she still doesn’t fully realize. By the end of the first half of Season 5, Audrey had been saved by Charlotte (Laura Mennell), the otherworldly mother she never knew she had, and Mara, her evil counterpart, for lack of a better term, had been destroyed.

But at the root of it all are the Troubles, which will finally become public knowledge in the second half of “Haven” Season 5.

“For years we’ve tried to hide the Troubles, a certain percentage of the population knew about the Troubles but a certain percent lived completely oblivious,” executive producer Gabrielle Stanton told TheWrap. “These 13 episodes we’re going to see a Haven where everyone knows about the Troubles.”

After news of the show’s cancellation, Stanton and fellow executive producer Matt McGuinness discussed what fans can expect in “Haven’s” final 13 episodes.

Knowing that it’s the end, what’s the final 13 episodes going to be about in terms of answering mythology questions and character development?
Gabrielle Stanton: Well, we left off the first half of the season in a really cool place, with Duke exploding all of those Troubles that were inside him, hundreds and hundreds of Troubles. When we come back, we’re going to see Haven in kind of a new light. For years we’ve tried to hide the Troubles, a certain percentage of the population knew about the Troubles but a certain percent lived completely oblivious. These 13 episodes we’re going to see a Haven where everyone knows about the Troubles.

In terms of the characters, it’s really just going to be about all the complicated relationships, the Audrey, the Duke (Eric Balfour), the Nathan (Lucas Bryant), that triangle, seeing what happens with that. Vince and Dave are actually really interesting. In these 13 episodes you’re going to see just how interwoven the two of them are with Haven and how important they are to the whole mythology.

How exactly were Audrey and Mara connected? Were they the same entity? For example, does Audrey still have all ten toes even though Mara cut off one of hers?
GS: Audrey will have all ten toes! We saw Audrey as the overlay, the good and best parts of what Mara could be. But now that they’re split, Audrey’s still Audrey but she’s Audrey without Mara. Audrey’s now the pure Audrey, even more than she was in the first four seasons because she no longer has Mara inside her.

Does she remember anything that Mara did last season?
GS: She doesn’t. She was just going to be the Audrey she was when she first arrived in Haven. She still has her Audrey Parker memories, but we didn’t want to give her all of Mara’s history and baggage, so she’s free of all that. The last 13 episodes is really her being the Audrey she was always meant to be, for the first time.

So she, like the audience, doesn’t know anything about the other world that Mara is from and all that stuff.
GS: Right. But she and the audience, we’re both going to learn a lot more about that other world in these episodes.

What can you say about the Colorado Kid (Steve Lund) coming back?
GS: I can’t tell you much about that because it would ruin it! We’re definitely going to touch upon that, what his place in all of this is. We’re going to learn a lot more about the barn, we’re going to learn about Howard (Maurice Dean Wint) and everything we’ve been talking about in terms of this other world that Mara and Charlotte came from, we’re going to learn a lot more about that in the final 13 episodes.
Matt McGuinness: More than “more.” I would say we’re going to learn everything.

Everyone wants to know about Nathan. Will we learn more about his past?
GS: It’s funny that a certain sector of fans have always found Nathan more mysterious than the creators and writers have. I think we’ve always seen him as the solid, everyman guy of Haven. What we liked about him was he didn’t carry a lot of mystery and baggage in his past. That is what made him the perfect counterpoint to Audrey. She has so much of it, and if you had two characters that were so filled with secrets, then it would be really sort of hard to ground them, to play it. It’s kind of like the Mulder and Scully of it all. Mulder had so much going on and Scully just basically came from a nice normal family and didn’t have all that supernatural baggage.
MM: Nathan’s like the most normal guy with a Trouble out there.
GS: We see a lot of questions like, will we find out about Nathan’s mother? Nathan’s mother was a lovely woman, and she passed away. It’s tragic, but… We always play him as the supernatural straight man, a little bit.

So we’re not in for some big revelation about Nathan?
GS: Normally I would be like, ‘you never know!’ but I feel like fans are so invested in this, I don’t want them to feel cheated and betrayed expecting to learn this or that when we really don’t delve that deep into it.
MM: We will learn more about Nathan’s devotion and his ability to fight the battles he needs to fight. I feel like we’ll see a new side of Nathan this season.
GS: Oh, definitely. He’s stronger, he’s very proactive and we are ratcheting up the Naudrey of it all to 15.

The final season of “Haven” airs on Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on Syfy.