‘Haven’ Producers on Midseason Premiere Shockers: Duke’s Fate, New Murder Mystery and the Race to End the Troubles

“We’re going to be solving a lot of the mysteries of Haven as a whole,” Gabrielle Stanton tells TheWrap

“Haven” returned to Syfy Thursday night, kicking off a final 13-episode run to end the series, and already big revelations have been presented and endgame goals set up.

As Audrey (Emily Rose), Nathan (Lucas Bryant) and Duke (Eric Balfour) dealt with the aftermath of everything that happened in the last episode, particularly the new Troubles unwittingly released, a shield came down, trapping everyone in Haven inside — excluding Duke, who found himself newly immune to the Troubles.

By the end of the episode, a new murder mystery had unfurled, Audrey and Nathan watched on helpless as Dwight (Adam Copeland) announced to the whole town the existence of the Troubles, and Duke used his immunity to leave town, unable to deal with the ramifications of what he’d helped unleash.

Executive producers Gabrielle Stanton and Matt McGuinness addressed some of the big reveals in episode 5.14, titled “New World Order,” and teased how they set things up going forward.

1. Duke won’t stay gone
While Haven’s resident bad boy took advantage of his newfound immunity to get the hell out of dodge, you won’t have long to miss him.

“He will be back and when he comes back, it’s going to be in a very kind of heroic way,” teased Stanton. But it won’t be right away. “There will be a little bit of time when he’s not in Haven. But we can’t go without our Duke, so you can count on still seeing him.”

2. Haven doesn’t exist
As Duke hitched a ride with a trucker, the out-of-towner drops a major bombshell right as the episode ended: he’s never heard of a town called Haven. This isn’t just a symptom of the shield Trouble and is actually a huge revelation in terms of the show’s mythology.

“That actually is something huge,” said Stanton. “What we’re setting up here, we’re not just going to be one or two episodes, this is something we’re going to play out the whole rest of the season.”

3. New murder mystery or old murder mystery?
A mysterious new force seems to have appeared in Haven, killing residents one by one. But really, this mystery is tied to many questions that have plagued the show for years.

“There is what seems to be a new murder mystery, but it’s actually a mystery that’s going to tie into the past, and will be something that, when you see it, when we solve that mystery, we’re going to be solving a lot of the mysteries of Haven as a whole,” said Stanton.

4. Nathan’s back in charge, but not really
After ceding his position as the town’s top cop to Dwight (Adam Copeland) in Season 4, Nathan became Chief of Police again — only to see the Guard take over as the authority figure in town.

“Nathan’s Chief again, but the town of Haven becomes a slightly more challenging place to govern,” said McGuiness. “Being Chief of Haven doesn’t mean he’s 100 percent in charge.”

“The Guard has always been in charge of the Troubles and they’re going to play a bigger role in that, added Stanton. “The police sometimes feel a little overwhelmed by what’s going on. Nathan will definitely be the Chief of Police, but the police won’t always be in charge they way have been in the past.”

5. The race for a cure is on
With Charlotte (Laura Mennell) now completely focused on coming up with an actual cure for the Troubles — no magical barn every 27 years needed — Audrey and Nathan seem closer than ever to getting the thing they’ve been seeking all along. But will it work this time?

“I think getting rid of the Troubles has been always been first and foremost in the afflicteds’ minds, it’s what everyone would like to do,” said McGuinness. “Whether they’re going about it in the right way, if this is the path that is going to get them there, is not a question we can answer.”

“The quest to end the Troubles has always been the end goal, but we’ve learned over the seasons how difficult that can be,” added Stanton. “The kind of sacrifices Audrey and Nathan would have to make and everything. At the end of the day, curing the Troubles ties very much into the Audrey-Nathan-Duke triangle. We will see that struggle in how to live happily ever after and cure the Troubles all at the same time.”

“Haven” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on Syfy.