Hear ‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Jed’s ‘Breakthrough’ Dog Food Jingle (Video)

“You get home/You know who’s been waiting/Wagging by the door,” Jed croons in “Better Bowl” ad

JED bachelorette
ABC/Ed Herrera

Anyone that’s watched “The Bachelorette” for more than 10 seconds this season knows Jed Wyatt, one the last two men left standing, loves music. He’s liable to self-combust if he doesn’t reach for his guitar at least once an episode. But how’s that passion for music going to pay the bills?

That’s what Hannah’s family needed to know on Monday night, with both her mom and her dad pressing Jed — while still being courteous, since they’re from the South — on how his music career would provide for their daughter.

But Jed had an ace up his sleeve. The Nashville-based singer-songwriter let Hannah’s dad, Robert, know he’d already scored his “first real breakthrough”: penning a jingle for a dog food company.

“You get home/You know who’s been waiting/Wagging by the door,” the Better Bowl commercial starts, as a man opens the door and sees his anxious pup.

“Rain-or-shine kind of love/Like nothing you’ve seen before,” Jed continues crooning, sounding a bit like a young Jack Johnson. “Your dog really does deserve the best/Go pick ’em up some Better Bowl.”

You can check the commercial out below:


Jed called it his “most major accomplishment” to date, but Hannah’s parents still didn’t seem too impressed. “I don’t want you to settle for anything,” Robert later told Hannah. Maybe they’re more of a cat family?

Fans will find out one way or another when “The Bachelorette” season finale airs on Tuesday night.