Here’s How You Can Get HBO Max if You Already Pay for HBO

WarnerMedia is making it incredibly easy to get its new streaming service, as long as you’re already a customer

Last Updated: May 27, 2020 @ 10:08 AM

HBO Max, the long-awaited streaming service from WarnerMedia, finally arrived on Wednesday. The service combines HBO with its two other entertainment assets in Turner and Warner Bros.

And if you’re already an HBO subscriber, then you most likely will have free access to HBO Max when it goes live tomorrow. WarnerMedia has spent the past few weeks cutting distribution deals with virtually every major TV provider and digital streaming provider to give their customers that are already paying for HBO an easy access point into Max — for no additional cost.

Still confused? Here’s how it works:

Customers that subscribe to HBO either directly through HBO Now, or via their pay-TV operator (including WarnerMedia’s parent company AT&T), only have to download the HBO Max app on their streaming device of choice. The same goes for those who buy HBO via digital providers like Hulu, Apple, Google, Samsung and Verizon. Amazon’s Fire TV and Roku as of now remain the only major streaming platforms that don’t have a deal to carry the Max app.

Here are the pay-TV providers that have signed up to give their HBO customers automatic access to Max: Altice USA, Cox Communications, Charter, AT&T, WOW!, Atlantic Broadband, RCN, Grande Communications & Wave, and MCTV, and any other small provider that is part of the NCTC (National Cable Television Cooperative). Comcast, the country’s largest pay-TV provider with nearly 21 million TV customers, cut a deal with WarnerMedia hours after Wednesday’s launch.

That also includes customers of YouTube and Hulu’s live TV streaming bundle. YouTube has never offered HBO until now, but it’s the same idea. You pay for HBO, you get Max.

The same login consumers currently use for HBO Now — or HBO Go for pay-TV subs — will give them access to HBO Max.

AT&T is also giving its phone customers who don’t subscribe to HBO discounts for Max.

The only major holdout from the above list is Amazon, which allows its customers to subscribe to HBO Now via Amazon Prime Video Channels. HBO Max would have to be purchased separately, but since it’s the same $14.99 a month price (HBO Max is offering a introductory discount that bumps it down to $11.99 for the first year), WarnerMedia is just banking on those customers switching over anyway.

When it launches, there will be three separate HBO-branded streaming options, alongside the traditional TV channels: HBO Now, HBO Go and HBO Max. We know it’s confusing, but the easy answer to all this is: If you have HBO, you probably already have Max.