Herman Cain Sings: Accused of Sexual Harassment, He Breaks Into Song (Video)

This really happened

Beleagured by allegations that he sexually harassed two female employees years ago, Herman Cain followed up a vigorous defense at the National Press Club by breaking into song.

The Republican presidential candidate called the allegations a "witch hunt," and complained about the anonymous sourcing of a Politico article that raised them.

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He could have left it at that, since singing is usually one of those things you don't do when trying to refute serious accusations.

Unless you're Herman Cain, that is. Have you heard this guy's voice? He's awfully good. No one who sings a Christian spiritual like this could ever go around sexually harassing anybody, obviously. And if he ever made unwelcome advances before singing, they surely wouldn't be unwelcome after.

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Cain has a history of beautiful public performances, as fans of his earlier song, "Imagine (There's No Pizza)," can attest.

Close the door, and your eyes. Then turn up the volume and get ready to really feel (Not that way):