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Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders Are the Most Popular Presidential Candidates on Facebook

The Democtractic hopefuls have dominated activity on the social network in the early primary states

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are the most liked candidates for president. At least on Facebook.

Politico reported that the two Democratic entrants generated the most conversation — positive or negative — of all presidential candidates between May 13 and June 13. The pair also dominated in the important early primary states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

In Iowa during that period, Clinton came in first with 289,000 likes, comments, posts, and shares about her from 66,000 people. Sanders, meanwhile, saw 30,000 Iowans engage in 153,000 interactions. GOP hopeful Rand Paul spurred 24,000 people to make 98,000 interactions.

In New Hampshire, Clinton had 145,000 interactions from 32,000 people, Sanders had 23,000 people make 123,000 interactions, and Paul had 12,000 people make 59,000 interactions.

In South Carolina, Clinton made a huge impression, with 104,000 people responsible for 460,000 interactions about her. Sanders, however, came in fourth with 116,000 interactions from 24,000 users. Paul was second, with 34,000 people making 132,000 interactions, while fellow Republican Ben Carson finished third, with 24,000 people making 120,000 interactions.

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