Hillary Clinton Does Her Best Donald Trump Impersonation for Iowa Crowd

Former Secretary of State is getting extra mileage out of her “SNL” performance

Comedian Taran Killam may be “Saturday Night Live’s” official Trump impersonator this season, but he’s getting some stiff competition from Hillary Clinton.

It seems the former Secretary of State’s “Saturday Night Live” impersonation of the Manhattan real estate developer last weekend is getting rave reviews from the people who matter most: voters.

While answering questions during a campaign event in Iowa on Tuesday, Clinton was asked to deliver an encore performance of the GOP frontrunner.

“You were great on ‘Saturday Night Live’ said a Clinton supporter at the event. “If the presidential election was today, I would vote for you. So can you do for us a Donald Trump impression?”

Clinton went for it. And boy, did she nail it.

Watch Clinton’s Trump impersonation in Iowa here.