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Hillary Clinton Body Double Conspiracy Theories Take Over Twitter

”Im not yet convinced of #HillarysBodyDouble but you have to admit no secret service around her in street is weird,“ one user tweets

The hashtag #HillarysBodyDouble took off on social media Monday morning as conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton having a body double spread quickly on Twitter the day after the Democratic nominee’s health issues dominated news coverage.

Clinton was forced to leave a Sept. 11 memorial service early on Sunday after she felt overheated and was captured on camera wobbling as she entered a van. It was later revealed that Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday.

Clinton canceled a campaign fundraising trip to California scheduled for Monday and Tuesday in order to rest and recover, but when she appeared smiling and healthy following a visit to her daughter Chelsea’s apartment to rest up on Sunday. Online sleuths found it odd that she was not surrounded by secret service to both protect her and help her in case she fell ill again.

Back in July, the Daily Mail published a lengthy piece detailing Teresa Barnwell, 61, who quit her job to work full-time as a Clinton lookalike 23 years ago.

“She’s been invited all over the world for photo shoots, TV commercials, music videos and corporate events, meeting the likes of comedian Jay Leno, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, former Secretary of State Colin Powell and Clinton herself,” the Daily Mail said of Barnwell.

The site reported that Clinton met Barnwell at a book signing in 1996, “but have never bumped into each other since.” Twitter users seem to think that Barnwell is actually working for the Clinton campaign and some people think she filled in for Democratic nominee on Sunday.

Check out some of the reaction on Twitter: