Hillary Clinton Tells Jimmy Kimmel She Will Watch Donald Trump Host ‘SNL’: ‘I Think He Watched Me’ (Video)

Democratic frontrunner also says that while live-tweeting the Republican debate last week, she felt “a combination of being appalled and being amused”

Hillary Clinton has been enjoying a star-filled week at celebrity fundraisers and the Democratic frontrunner topped it all off on Thursday night in the heart of Hollywood with a visit to Jimmy Kimmel.

Despite her busy schedule, Clinton admitted that she’ll likely watch Donald Trump host “Saturday Night Live” this weekend because “I think he watched me.”

“I knew Donald Trump, I was at his wedding,” she recalled when asked if they were still friends. “I criticize his positions but I try not to get into the personal stuff.”

The former first lady also took the opportunity to dish on her husband, Bill Clinton, and said her spouse would run for president again if he could, but vowed that he would lose if she went head-to-head with him.

“If I were to run against him, would I win? Yes,” she told Kimmel.

As for Kimmel’s suggestion that Bill Clinton could take on the very California moniker of “first dude” if she makes it to the White House, she wasn’t convinced.

“First dude, first mate, first gentleman? I’m just not sure about it,” Clinton said.

When it came to live-tweeting last week’s Republican debate, Clinton described the experience as “a combination of being appalled and being amused.

“I just disagreed with a lot of what they say and how they go about it. Obviously, they have every right to run for president, but I just wish they actually address the real problems that Americans face,” she said. “How do we make college more affordable, how do you get the debt that kids have built up down so they can afford to get on with their lives.”

While she didn’t shed any tears for Jeb Bush, Clinton conceded that “running for president is hard.” She said she doesn’t “pay a lot of attention” to what is going on with the GOP field. She did offer Bush a piece of free advice, however, when it came to his campaign slogan, “Jeb Can Fix It.”

“Maybe they should put a number on the side of the bus that people could call,” she quipped.

Clinton’s Kimmel visit comes after an appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” in September and on the “Late Show With Stephen Colbert last month.

Before Clinton took to the stage, Kimmel promised the audience: “We’ll be touching on all the important topics: the economy, climate change, ISIS, whether Khloe should take Lamar back — everything.”

In a special video skit, Kimmel also assembled a room full of children to talk about gender and politics, with some very interesting insights — such as girls wear too much pink to be president, and that Jimmy was too fat to run.

Clinton then came out to get some campaign ideas including free food in restaurants, free toys and no school.

Watch the adorable segment here:

Earlier in the day, Clinton headlined a fundraiser hosted by Cynthia Telles and Joe Was, with contributions ranging from $1,000 for “Friends,” $2,700 for “Champions,” $27,000 for “Co-Hosts” and a cool $50,000 for actual hosts. It was followed by an event hosted by “When Harry Met Sally” director Rob Reiner and his wife, Michele.

On Wednesday night, Christina Aguilera and her producer fiancé, Matthew Rutler, hosted a music-themed fundraiser at their Beverly Hills home, where 400 guests enjoyed performances by Aguilera and A Great Big World.

Clinton will finish the week on Friday with a bash hosted by Zach BraffKate Hudson and CAA’s Michael Kives.

“Jimmy Kimmel Live!” airs at 11:35 p.m. on ABC.

Watch Hillary talk about what it would be like to live with her “First Dude” Bill Clinton in the White House above, and then watch the rest of her appearance in the videos below.