Hollywood’s First Tweets Ever: 17 of the Most Fun, Bizarre and Awkward 140 Characters

The social network celebrated its eighth birthday by allowing users to see their first Tweets, much to the chagrin of many Hollywood stars

How awkward was your first time?

For many Hollywood personalities, their first foray into Twitter was as graceful as bumper cars. For others, it was a goofy joke about their lack of computer skills. Whether it was funny, banal or bizarre, Twitter has provided a tool so they can always be reminded. To commemorate the eighth anniversary of the first Tweet, Twitter has introduced a #FirstTweet tool that lets users go back in time to their first post.

TheWrap thought it would be fun to review some of the most memorable Hollywood first Tweets.

Director Judd Apatow began his Twitter like he was writing in a journal.


Danny DeVito left nothing to the imagination for his inaugural message. “I just joined Twitter! I don’t really get this site or how it works. My nuts are on fire,” he exclaimed.

Lindsay Lohan commemorated the occasion by wishing her then-girlfriend Samantha Ronson a safe flight. “FLY SAFE… love you”

Kevin Spacey was uncomfortable about the new experience. “This is new territory and not sure how I feel about it.”

Tyrese had a particularly awkward first Tweet, apparently referencing Chris Brown’s assault on Rihanna.

“Divergent” star Shailene Woodley didn’t hold back and went after the agrobuisness Monsanto for her first Tweet. “The company Monsanto makes my Scorpio fire blaze; help stop Walmart from selling genetically modified sweet corn.”

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Monty Python actor John Cleese reminded people he was still kicking. “i am still alive.”


Vivica A. Fox led off with a typo, “Hey everyboby!” (sic)


Spike Lee took the opportunity to introduce himself as “Speeezy.”

J.J. Abrams’s first tweet had an exciting sci-fi thriller vibe.


David Lynch did a time and temperature update.


Michael J. Fox made a quirky Joan Jett joke.

Russell Crowe’s first tweet was saying hi to his “Robin Hood” co-star Scott Grimes.

Ed Norton advised his followers against eating farmed salmon. “DON’T EAT FARMED SALMON,” he stressed.


Cameron Diaz made up a word for the moment. “Twelloooo!!!”

Kevin Smith was apparently at a movie screening during his first Tweet.


Perhaps the weirdest first tweet was when Joan Rivers retweeted a detractor who was not a fan of her getting motor boated.